This information is provided for information only and must not be considered as investment advice. You should seek professional investment advice before making any investment decision.

Risk Mapping

Investment risk is subjective and can be measured in a number of different ways. We do not believe that any measure in isolation provides a reliable guide to risk. The most common measure used is standard deviation. However, this changes through time and is affected by liquidity.

We use a broad range of measures to risk rate our portfolios and we set asset allocation limits to control risk. Experience also teaches us that it is important to remain within the spirit of these limits and not to rely on the hard limits by themselves or in isolation. Other service providers measure risk according to their own scales. Margetts has teamed up with some of the most well known providers and the below can be used to help map our funds to their scales.

The below ratings are provided by the third party providers and Margetts do not accept any responsibility for their assessment. Professional financial advisers ultimately have responsibility for assessing the suitability of any product to investor needs.