This information is provided for information only and must not be considered as investment advice. You should seek professional investment advice before making any investment decision.

Risk Scale

The scale is designed to be indicative, providing illustrative examples of assets that Margetts consider appropriate to each category in order that advisers can compare the Margetts scale with their own internal scale of risk.

Risk is always changing and certain assets can become more or less risky over time, therefore regular portfolio reviews should be conducted to ensure that the correct risk exposure is maintained. The scale reflects different assets within a diversified portfolio. Without diversification the risk profile of a single asset is significantly higher.

The following is intended as a guide only and does not convey that only the assets listed will be held within the designated risk rating. The guide does not provide investment advice and investors should not use this guide to ascertain suitability of investments without discussing their requirements, objectives and financial situation with a professional adviser.